Y00ts Cross-Chain Bridge From Polygon To Ethereum Goes Live


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Foresight News, the cross-chain bridge to migrate y00ts from Polygon back to Ethereum has gone live. The team will cover all gas fees for the first day and randomly distribute 10 y00ts to wallets bridging within 24 hours. After October 22, trading y00ts on Polygon will incur a 33.3% royalty fee, and users are advised to migrate their y00ts within seven days. Y00ts uses the Wormhole cross-chain NFT standard, and users can find all official links for y00ts using Phantom. Y00tpoints can only be used on Ethereum, and users do not need to store them on Ethereum, just keep them in their wallets. The migration process may take up to an hour, and bridging transactions will be verified on Polygon within seconds, but must first be settled on the Ethereum mainnet to ensure security and verification before minting NFTs.

In addition, y00ts #10968 appears to be the first NFT to migrate from Polygon to Ethereum.

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