Whale Shifts Entire 11,904 ETH Holdings to Binance, Raking in an Estimated Profit of $15.8 Million


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

In a recent move monitored by Spot On Chain, a whale address (initiated with 0x88e) completed the transfer of its remaining 4,404 ETH, valued at around $6.98 million, to Binance. This transaction was done at an average price of $1,585 just 10 minutes ago, as reported by Odaily.

This event marks the culmination of a larger shift over the past three days. On June 23, 2020, the whale accumulated a total of 11,904 ETH from Bitfinex, costing approximately $2.894 million at an average price of $243.1.

Recently, however, the whale transferred all 11,904 ETH (valued at $18.58 million) into Binance at an average rate of $1,561. This move resulted in an impressive estimated profit of $15.8 million, representing a whopping 542% increase in the value of the original ETH investment.

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