In recent years, the popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed. These digital audio files have become a convenient way for people to consume information and entertainment on the go. Forex traders are no exception to this trend, as they too have embraced podcasts as a valuable source of knowledge and insights. In this article, we will explore the top 10 forex podcasts for expert traders.

1. “The Trading Coach Podcast” – Hosted by Akil Stokes, this podcast provides expert advice and strategies for forex traders. Stokes, a professional trader and trading coach, shares his experiences and insights to help listeners improve their trading skills.


2. “Chat with Traders” – Hosted by Aaron Fifield, this podcast features interviews with successful traders from various financial markets, including forex. Each episode delves into the guest’s trading journey, strategies, and lessons learned, providing valuable insights for expert traders.

3. “Desire To Trade Podcast” – Hosted by Etienne Crete, this podcast focuses on forex trading and features interviews with successful traders and industry experts. Crete explores different trading strategies, mindset, and the challenges faced by traders, offering advice and inspiration for expert traders.

4. “Two Blokes Trading” – Hosted by Tom Davis and Owen Trimball, this podcast takes a lighthearted approach to forex trading. The hosts discuss trading strategies, market analysis, and interview industry professionals, providing both educational and entertaining content for expert traders.

5. “Macro Voices” – Hosted by Erik Townsend, this podcast covers a wide range of financial markets, including forex. It delves into macroeconomic trends and analysis, providing expert insights on how global events impact currency markets. Expert traders can gain valuable perspectives on the bigger picture of forex trading.

6. “Forex Q&A Podcast” – Hosted by VP, this podcast answers listener-submitted questions related to forex trading. VP provides detailed explanations and insights on various trading concepts, making it a valuable resource for expert traders looking to deepen their understanding.

7. “The Trading Lifestyle Podcast” – Hosted by Hugh Kimura, this podcast explores the lives and experiences of successful traders. Kimura interviews traders from different backgrounds and trading styles, giving expert traders a glimpse into their daily routines, mindset, and strategies.

8. “The Forex Trading Coach” – Hosted by Andrew Mitchem, a full-time forex trader, and coach, this podcast offers practical trading advice and strategies. Mitchem shares his trading insights and experiences, providing expert traders with valuable tips to improve their performance.

9. “The Forex Warrior” – Hosted by Jason Stapleton, a forex trader and educator, this podcast focuses on the psychology and mindset required for successful trading. Stapleton shares strategies to overcome common trading challenges and helps expert traders develop the mental fortitude needed to navigate the forex market.

10. “The Trading Nut” – Hosted by Cam Hawkins, this podcast features interviews with successful traders and industry experts. Hawkins explores various trading strategies, risk management techniques, and trading psychology, offering expert insights to help traders improve their performance.

These top 10 forex podcasts for expert traders cover a wide range of topics, from technical analysis to trading psychology. They provide valuable insights, strategies, and inspiration to help expert traders stay ahead in the constantly evolving forex market. Whether you are looking for specific trading advice or seeking to broaden your understanding of the forex industry, these podcasts are a must-listen for any expert trader.


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