Top 10 Creators on FriendTech Earn 14.7% of Total Royalties; Majority Users Not Creators


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to on-chain analyst Tom Wan: The top 10 creators on @friendtech account for 14.7% of the platform’s total royalties, with the most popular creator, Racer, having 313 keys minted and earning approximately $200,000 in royalties. However, 93.89% of FriendTech’s users are not creators, with less than or equal to 10 keys minted.

On average, popular creators such as @CJCJCJCJ_ with around 100 keys minted could earn approximately $4,600. In contrast, less popular creators with less than or equal to 10 keys minted have an average earning of only about $28.8.

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