Token Unlocks Worth Over $74 Million Scheduled for Six Projects Next Week


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Odaily: Six projects are set to unlock tokens worth over $74 million in total next week. The following projects and their respective token unlocks include:

1. On September 11, Moonbeam will unlock 9.7 million GLMR, valued at around $1.74 million, accounting for 1.34% of the circulating supply.
2. On September 12, Aptos will unlock 4.54 million APT, worth approximately $23.85 million, representing 1.98% of the circulating volume.
3. On September 13, Lido will unlock 1.5 million LDO, valued at about $2.22 million, making up 0.17% of the circulating volume.
4. On September 14, Euler will unlock 150,000 EUL, worth roughly $400,000, accounting for 0.83% of the circulating supply.
5. On September 16, Flow will unlock 7.29 million FLOW, valued at around $3.09 million, comprising 0.70% of the circulating supply.
6. On September 17, ApeCoin will unlock 40.6 million APE, worth approximately $51.6 million, representing 11.02% of the circulating supply.

Investors and market participants should take note of these token unlocks, as they may potentially impact the token prices and market dynamics for the projects involved.

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