SlowMist Founder Warns About Malicious Bookmark Script Targeting Friend.Tech Users


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

SlowMist’s founder, Yu Xian, has issued a warning about a malicious script targeting users of (ft). According to a social media post by Xian on October 14th, scammers are tricking potential victims into adding JavaScript code as a bookmark on their browsing devices.

When users visit the ft site and execute this bookmark, the malicious script may steal their passwords and the tokens associated with Privy, the wallet embedded by ft. Consequently, the users’ ft accounts and related funds are at risk of being stolen.

Yu Xian pointed out that this is not a new technique and it is frequently used in Discord account hacking. Users are being reminded to stay alert to such forms of crypto-related cybersecurity threats to protect their passwords, tokens, and overall account security.

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