Shocking Blow Hits the Forex Trading World As Top Traders Leave Their Broker Behind After Years of Abuse


New York, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New York, New York –

After being short-changed, lied to and manipulated for years, both seasoned and professional traders are flocking to LEVELS, a fully loaded platform that finally delivers what traders have been begging for.

In the dynamic world of finance, never has a migration of traders happened so quickly and swiftly. After years of suffering through terrible spreads, negligent customer support and a lack of optionality, traders are finally enjoying the fruits of their labor thanks to LEVELS, a “trader-centric” platform that was built “for traders by traders.”

With the creation of social media, we often see professional traders using flashy cars, mansions, watches and other luxury items to give the impression that they are trading profitably, however quite often after some research, there is usually a different story to be told.

“Most traders simply aren’t profitable over the long run,” says Josh Williment, of Genesis Assets, “What we’ve seen across the board, is a fragmented broker landscape where no one is able to provide what traders need to be successful. Since the inception of the Forex landscape, traders have been asking for a one-stop platform that runs based on honesty and ethics and not manipulation or profit.

With high frequency industry turmoil, geo-politics and the rise of crypto currency popularity, the Forex industry remains one of the few multi-million-dollar marketplaces in the world. With the creation of LEVELS, there’s been a turning point in the trading arena. As a fully regulated broker with registration in St. Lucia and a corporate location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, LEVELS is taking the industry by storm.

LEVELS COO, Kilian De Ketelaere says, “Our approach was simple. We listened to the trading community. We listened to their complaints, grips, things that angered them and created a model that the community has deserved for so long but simply hasn’t had. The LEVELS platform was designed to cater to the needs of all traders with a focus on functionality, customer support and ethics.”

Despite daily trading volume of more than $6 trillion dollars, most brokers have offered simply a bareboned and limited solution. One of the many frustrations for example, is what they call, “slippage” which are timing issues upon entering a trade and actual trade execution. With slippage, and other broker manipulative tools, traders are more skeptical than ever. After experiencing such manipulation firsthand, LEVELS founders decided to change the game.

“Slippage was just one of many complaints that we heard across the industry,” says Ben Ansary, CEO of the new broker. “Many traders enter trades with an expectation of viewable profit, however, after different layers of broker manipulation, including slippage, what would be an expected $1200 of profit, ultimately ends up being just a few hundred dollars. This layer of consistent manipulation ultimately demoralizes traders and creates severe distrust.”

In addition to manipulation like slippage, incompetent customer support continues to plague the industry, which has paradoxically become worse with the introduction of the AI chatbot. Traders want access to real human beings, in real time because their funds are at stake.

Professional trader, Jeremy Gardner, has been vocal about his switch to the platform. “Recently I needed to make a large deposit to execute a time sensitive trade. Because of broker website issues, I was appalled to consistently be redirected to a FAQ page when human support was simply unavailable. Even though I eventually received an apology from the broker, 4 days later, the apology did not make up for the nearly $60,000 in profit that was missed because of their error. Since using LEVELS, my trades have been initiated quickly and when needed, I always have access to a live person to help me with my issues at hand. It feels great to finally be hitting the stride that I needed to be at as a trader with a broker I can finally trust.”

LEVELS is also making waves with its focus on asset class diversity. With the popularity of crypto currency and the ever-growing interest in stocks and commodities, LEVELS has made sure to create a diverse trading platform that allows traders to finally get everything they need in one, simple dashboard.

Michel Manuel, Managing Director, Sales told us, “We wanted to change the trajectory of our trader’s career path. We understood that basic Forex trading by itself can feel a little antiquated. We made sure to include Forex exotics, Stocks, Metal and Agricultural commodities and an array of crypto currency options to help our traders create a diversified trading portfolio. Our hope is to create an exciting change within the trading community where traders enjoy the experience they have always deserved.”

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