Scroll Launches Mainnet to Scale Ethereum with Zero-Knowledge EVM Solution


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Cointelegraph, Scroll, a new player in the zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) space, has announced the launch of its mainnet. The company aims to scale the blockchain by allowing existing applications and developer toolkits on Ethereum to migrate to its new scaling solution. Scroll’s zkEVM solution is designed to provide lower transaction costs and higher throughput for decentralized applications running on Ethereum by batching thousands of transactions off-chain into one and submitting a proof consisting of a minimal data summary to Ethereum’s mainnet.

Blockchain data indicates that Scroll’s mainnet has been live since October 8, when the first smart contract was deployed on the platform, according to Etherscan data. The mainnet launch follows 15 months of extensive testing and security audits across three separate testnets. Scroll’s bridge and rollup contracts were audited by OpenZeppelin and Zellic, while its zkEVM circuits were reviewed by Trail of Bits, Zellic, and KALOS. Over 450,000 smart contracts were deployed across the three testnets, enabling more than 90 million transactions across 9 million blocks and generating 280,000 ZK-proofs.

Scroll co-founder Ye Zhang revealed in an interview last month that the platform would initially launch with centralized features but plans to gradually decentralize over time. The Scroll team intends to pitch several proposals to the community to discuss the best way forward for the project. Founded in 2021, Scroll aims to be more community-driven, joining other zkEVM solutions working to scale Ethereum, such as Polygon, zkSync, StarkWare, and Immutable.

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