Prisma Finance hacker sends $6.5m in ETH to Tornado Cash


PeckShield reported the movement of assets from addresses related to the hacking of the Prisma Finance protocol.

Analysts tracked the movement of funds in wallets involved in the criminal operation. Through two transactions, the hacker sent 1,840 Ethereum (ETH) worth about $6.5 million to the Tornado Cash mixer.

After some time, experts noted that the attacker sent a message to the developers of Prisma Finance. The exploiter wanted to move the funds to a safe place before “moving on to the next step.”

The hacker, whose identity was unknown, also asked the programmers several questions. The attacker was particularly interested in what developers knew about smart contracts and whether the project was audited before deployment.

According to the message, exploiters are driven solely by the need to ensure proper project audits and the security of smart contracts. The hacker did not mention the possible return of stolen funds.

On March 28, Prisma Finance suffered from a security attack. Specialists from Cyvers said that the protocol lost about $9 million, and the attacker financed the hack through the FixedFloat cryptocurrency exchange. However, PeckShield experts provided additional data on the volume of stolen assets, with reported losses of $11.6 million.

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