Mysterious ‘Project Spartacus’ is Embedding WikiLeaks’ Infamous Afghan War Logs on Bitcoin Blockchain


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Bitcoin Magazine: An undisclosed entity, going by “Project Spartacus,” has begun encoding the Afghan War logs previously published by WikiLeaks onto the Bitcoin blockchain. These logs historically stirred significant controversy upon being released by Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks in 2010.

The project was brought to light by Bitcoin Magazine after an anonymous individual claimed responsibility. The intention is to immortalize the tens of thousands of contentious logs on the Bitcoin blockchain, rendering them unalterable and resistant to censorship.

The logs, upon their release, challenged conventional media narratives of the Afghan War and exposed potential missteps in various U.S. military operations. They resulted in litigation against Assange on charges of conspiring with Chelsea Manning to crack a computer account on her military base to acquire and transmit classified information.

However, subsequent reports proposed that this alleged hacking did not occur and that Manning had already had authorized access to the information she was charged with leaking.

Now, Project Spartacus is leveraging the Ordinals protocol, which allows anyone to add arbitrary data to the Bitcoin blockchain. In essence, the project aligns with the principles of information freedom and transparency, solidifying the publicly accessible presence of the logs, which Assange risked his life to reveal.

The Project Spartacus website even allows users to “inscribe” – add data to Bitcoin as per Ordinals’ terminology – a war log. There are no fees associated with this action apart from network fees, inherent to any Bitcoin transaction. The website also offers a donation feature, allowing users to contribute Bitcoin to Assange’s cause.

This project highlights Bitcoin as not just a monetary network, but also a decentralized, unalterable publishing technology, providing a potent tool for resisting information censorship.






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