Google to Allow NFT Game Ads Starting September 15, Excluding Gambling Content


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Cointelegraph: Google has updated its cryptocurrency advertising policy, allowing blockchain-based NFT gaming advertisements as long as they do not promote gambling or gambling services. Effective September 15, the policy change will apply only to games meeting specific criteria, such as those featuring in-game purchases of items that enhance user experience or aid in gameplay advancement. NFT game ads that promote wagering, staking NFTs, or offering rewards like cryptocurrencies or other NFTs will remain banned under the new policy.

NFT casino games and other social betting paradigms that enable wagering or playing for real-world prizes will also continue to be prohibited. For developers and publishers wanting to run ads promoting gambling-related content featuring NFTs, they must comply with the Gambling and Games Policy and obtain proper Google Ads certification.

Google initially banned all cryptocurrency-related advertising in 2018 but softened its stance in June 2021, allowing some registered companies targeting the US to advertise cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets on the platform.

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