GFOX eyes $6 million target as ICP gets steamy


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 Galaxy Fox (GFOX) is aiming for the $6 million target in its ongoing presale, as Internet Computer (ICP) eyes the $25 mark. 

While the overall altcoin market still lags behind BTC gains, a few select alts are absolutely ripping following Bitcoin’s (BTC) reversal. With less than a month until the halving, the window to scoop up altcoins is closing. This cycle has still yet to see a full-blown altcoin season, and investors simply aren’t ready for what’s coming.

The current macro events hitlist is massive: BTC halving, rotating into Ethereum (ETH) ETFs, and the inevitable liquidity spillover into altcoins. Galaxy Fox eyes an insane $6 million target, and investors are spoilt for choice regarding 10X opportunities in the coming months. 

Internet Computer (ICP) $25 incoming? 

Internet Computer has been moving aggressively as it smashed through resistance and is now tapping on the $20 level, with $25 coming in fast. This protocol is ambitious even in crypto and is a fully decentralized alternative to the existing Web2 stack. Internet Computer is a decentralized infrastructure that allows hosting applications and content fully on-chain.

The DePIN narrative has played a role in ICP’s gains as investors awaken to the idea of leveraging blockchain systems for fundamental daily use cases. Imagine the next iteration of the internet without any centralized services like AWS, and instead, everything operates on blockchain rails. This is the future that Internet Computer aims for.

Internet Computer’s native token, ICP, is the medium of exchange. Used to pay for services, and anyone bullish on increased adoption of this new tech stack has been loading up explaining the recent move upwards. What cryptos to buy now before the altcoin season begins? ICP and GFOX are great choices. 

Galaxy Fox eyes insane $6 million target 

Galaxy Fox eyes an insane $6 million target, and judging from its current trajectory, it will shatter this level later this month. This next-generation meme coin is shaking things up, and instead of a single-dimensional upside, this protocol offers earning, upside, and entertainment under one roof.

Blending the memecoin and play-to-earn genres has been the secret to GFOX’s early success. Its play-to-earn game allows players to compete globally, and those skilled enough earn part of the prize pool at the end of the season. NFT functionality adds a new layer to this competition, with NFT holders unlocking in-game perks. These digital collectibles are even tradeable on Galaxy Fox’s secondary marketplace, and smart traders have almost unlimited options in this ecosystem.

The token burn is a classic addition to the meme coin genre, but Galaxy Fox upgrades the prototypical model into something more exciting. Staking rewards allow holders to start earning, and it is one of the only protocols that allows for native yield on a deflationary asset. Galaxy Fox has enabled this via its taxation system, which means payouts without inflationary emissions.

Price predictions already forecast this $5 million market cap to transform into a hundred million dollar protocol within several weeks of launch. A meme coin presale occurring before altcoin season and the second leg of meme mania begins is easily a top crypto to invest in. 

Altcoin season is coming, meaning undervalued alts are the best answer to what cryptos to buy now. The stage where things start to get silly is arriving, and investors who have yet to experience a cycle need to strap in for what comes next. 

To learn more about this project, visit the Galaxy Fox presale or Join the community

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