GBPUSD Forecast Today – 05/02: GBP Hits Key Support (Chart)


British Pound falls after NFP, approaching key support levels. Market eyes resistance at 1.2750 and support at 1.25, favoring range-bound traders amid a broader consolidation phase. Watch for potential breakout from this equilibrium.

  • The British pound experienced a significant decline during Friday’s trading session following the release of the Non-Farm Payroll report in the United States.
  • This decline was not exclusive to the British pound but was observed across the board, as the US dollar gained substantial strength.

GBPUSD Forecast Today - 05/02: GBP Hits Key Support (Graph)

The British pound’s sharp decline can be attributed to the unexpectedly strong jobs report in the United States. It appears that the market is currently approaching the lower boundary of a consolidation zone. Furthermore, it has touched the crucial 50-day Exponential Moving Average, which tends to draw the attention of market participants.

The market’s movement is largely driven by the jobs report, which revealed a job growth rate significantly higher than anticipated. This has raised the expectation that the Federal Reserve may delay any plans to tighten monetary policy. However, it is unclear whether this development will have a lasting impact, as it primarily appears to push the market toward the lower end of its established trading range.

Above the current level, the 1.2750 mark serves as a significant resistance point. A daily close above this level may prompt consideration for buying positions. Conversely, for selling to be a viable option, a daily close below the 1.25 level would need to occur. In the interim, this market is conducive for short-term range-bound traders or scalpers, as it has exhibited limited directional movement over the past several months.

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The market currently appears to be in a state of equilibrium, with no dominant force exerting influence in either direction. However, it is essential to note that once a consolidation phase like this is broken, it often leads to a more substantial movement. Therefore, closely monitoring this chart is advisable. While there may not be any compelling trading opportunities at present, the potential for significant momentum in the Forex markets later in the year remains high once the market exits this consolidation phase, given the pent-up energy within it.

In the end, the British pound faced a sharp decline following the release of the robust US jobs report. This decline is part of a broader consolidation phase in the market. While the immediate impact suggests a move toward the lower end of the range, the potential for larger market movements in the future remains a key point of interest for Forex traders, as significant momentum may be unleashed once the consolidation phase is eventually broken.

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