FlokiFi Locker Upgrades And Expands To 14 EVM-Compatible Blockchains


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Foresight News, the Shiba Inu-themed project Floki has announced that the upgraded version of its FlokiFi Locker is now live on the mainnets of 14 EVM-compatible blockchains. The update adds support for Base and opBNB, in addition to the previously supported ETH, BSC, Arbitrum, Polygon, Fantom, AVAX, Optimism, KCC, OKXChain, Cronos, Evmos, and Dogechain. New features of the FlokiFi Locker include a referral program, native payment support, support for V3 position NFT LP tokens, extended lockup, and token burning.

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