Five Worldcoin Market Makers Hold 40.39 Million WLD On-chain


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

On-chain analyst Ember CN has reported that the five market makers of Worldcoin (WLD) currently hold a total of 40.39 million WLD on-chain. Here are the specifics:

– Since October 1, market makers Wintermute, Flow Traders, and GSR Markets have withdrawn from the chain on CEX, leaving a total of 4.67 million WLD on-chain.
– Among these, GSR holds the closest number to the borrowed amount, while Amber Group has the largest difference in quantity.

These statistics reveal the considerable on-chain holding of WLD by the five market makers, demonstrating a significant stake in Worldcoin’s ongoing operations. The exact details of the holdings continue to be monitored and analyzed by on-chain experts.

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