Ethereum Foundation’s ERC-4337 Account Abstraction Funding Round Successfully Concludes


According to Foresight News, the Ethereum Foundation’s ERC-4337 account abstraction funding round has successfully concluded, supporting 18 teams to build diverse projects around ERC-4337. These projects include:

1. ZeroDev Kernel: A smart contract account designed from scratch for account abstraction wallets, efficient and modular.

2. Etherspot’s Skandha Bundler: A P2P interface account abstraction Bundler implementation, developed by the Etherspot team.

3. MynaWallet: A contract account integrated with the Japanese government-issued identity card, enabling users to make token payments, transfers, or receive NFTs, as well as execute any transactions supported by their account.

4. Blocto: An RPC method supporting account abstraction in web3.js.

5. Silius: A modular and efficient Rust account abstraction Bundler implementation.

6. QR-Seal: A fully ERC-4337 compatible Schnorr multi-signature wallet.

7. Ambire: A self-hosted wallet using email/password authentication.

8. IoTeX: A zero-knowledge proof-based account abstraction wallet.

9. SixdegreeLab: A data analytics dashboard for account abstraction.

10. Jam: A DeFi transaction batch processor developed by Picnic.

11. TokenSight: Account abstraction multi-factor authentication using WebAuthn.

12. ZK-Team: Allows organizations to maintain individual privacy while managing team members.

13. Rhinestone: Modular account abstraction.

14. AAA: Community activities to raise awareness of account abstraction.

15. Unpacking 4337: A series of technical articles on account abstraction.

16. Hexlink: Utilizing EIP-4972 to link ENS with ERC-4337 accounts, providing instantly available account abstraction compatible smart accounts for all ENS users.

17. UniPass: Combining ERC-4337 with the OpenID Connect protocol to provide one-click OAuth login and account creation for new users.

18. Clave: Enhancing secp256r1 curve support for account abstraction.

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