Releases Decentralization Roadmap And Self-Restrictions


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Foresight News, non-custodial liquidity staking platform has released a decentralization roadmap and self-restrictions article. The plan is to place self-restriction constraints directly into smart contracts, promising to keep the number of protocol validators and ETH self-restrictions below 25% of the consensus layer. The article reflects the decentralization roadmap, with the ultimate goal of becoming the simplest and lowest entry barrier method for staking or running nodes; staking and node operations require no permission; decentralized governance and contract rigidity.

In terms of milestones for the decentralization roadmap, has completed self-custody key delegation staking, single node operator integration first phase, DVT integration first phase, and open-source smart contracts. It is expected to launch eETH in November 2023, allowing users to mint and redeem without permission; re-staking integration is expected in November 2023; full open-source is expected in December 2023; DVT integration second phase is expected to be completed in March 2024, achieving permissionless individual staking; DAO governance is expected to be released in March 2024; and contract rigidity is expected to be achieved in March 2024.

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