Coinbase, Aave and USDC issuer Circle, among others, join hands to launch “Tokenized Asset Coalition”



  • The Tokenized Asset Coalition aims to bring the next trillion Dollars of assets through real-world asset tokenization.
  • Adoption of real-world assets onto a public blockchain could be key in onboarding investors from traditional finance.
  • The expansion of tokenization would act as a critical market to capture by blockchains, increasing their usage.
  • Investment in tokenized RWA holds the capacity to lure crypto asset traders, too, as it removes the volatility for such assets.

Crypto adoption took a hit earlier last quarter as the market experienced a bearish run. However, industry players are leaning toward options to bring more users to the digital asset market with the new initiative targeting Traditional Finance (TradFi) investors.

Coinbase joins hands with other crypto leaders

Coinbase, Aave, USDC stablecoin issuer Circle and Coinbase’s layer-2 solution Base, among other crypto industry leaders, announced the launch of “Tokenized Asset Coalition”. The joint venture will target onboarding users from the traditional finance sector by leveraging real-world assets.

Real World Assets (RWA) tokenization is a concept rather novel in the crypto space. RWA tokenization, put simply, is tokenized assets unlike cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These assets are tangible in nature, including the likes of precious metals, real estate, artwork and even treasury bonds. The Tokenized Asset Coalition intends to bring the next trillion Dollars on-chain through tokenizing real-world assets.

Additionally, they also intend to advocate and educate about the same as the coalition believes public crypto rails offer superior efficiency, cost savings and transparency compared to legacy systems.

Impact of the Coalition on the crypto market

Open to adding more members, the coalition would be able to spruce up usage and investment in the crypto space using this method. Tokenizing RWAs allows people to invest in vehicles that they are more familiar with by making them more affordable than owning or investing in the entire asset.

Furthermore, with the help of crypto market leaders pushing the idea, the RWA tokenization market could explode. This would act as a catalyst for blockchains, as capturing the market would be crucial for growth.

Moreover, crypto adoption would boost, and crypto assets would find exposure but also necessitate more stable market conditions. This is because RWAs would experience significantly less volatility in comparison to cryptocurrencies, opening them up to competition from tokenized assets.

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