CertiK Report: Losses from Flash Loan Attacks, Exit Scams, and Exploits Exceed $997 Million by August 2023


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Foresight News, a security report released by CertiK reveals that by August 2023, losses caused by flash loan attacks, exit scams, and vulnerability exploits have exceeded $997 million. Among these, flash loan attacks account for approximately $261 million in losses, exit scams for over $137 million, and vulnerability exploits for more than $596 million. Records from Web3 data agency De.Fi show that the total losses in July 2023 amounted to about $486 million, with around $231 million resulting from Multichain vulnerability exploits.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency security losses in August exceeded $45 million, including the Zunami Protocol attack incident with a loss of $2.2 million, the Exactly Protocol vulnerability exploit event with a loss of $7.3 million, and the PEPE token sale incident with a loss of $13.2 million.

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