BNB Chain Announces Ecosystem Catalyst Award Winners


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Foresight News, BNB Chain has announced the winners of its Ecosystem Catalyst Awards. The awards are divided into several categories, including DeFi, Gaming, NFT & the Metaverse, Infrastructure, and Innovation Excellence.

In the DeFi category, the winners are PancakeSwap, Maverick Protocol, iZUMi Finance, Helio Protocol, and Alpaca Finance. For the Gaming, NFT & the Metaverse category, the winners include SecondLive, Element NFT Marketplace, BurgerCities,, and Meta Merge.

The Infrastructure category winners are Polyhedra Network, LayerZero Labs, Galxe, BscScan, and CyberConnect. Lastly, the Innovation Excellence category winners are Dmail Network, Hooked Protocol, MathVerse, ChainGPT, and DexCheck.

These projects have been recognized for their contributions to the BNB Chain ecosystem and their potential to drive further growth and innovation in the space.

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