Bitmain Fires Employees Over Salary Leak and Unauthorized Information Sharing


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to CryptoPotato, Bitmain, a leading Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer, has reportedly terminated four employees for leaking salary information and violating the company’s ‘Management Standards for External Information Disclosure.’ The company emphasized that employees should not share any company information with external parties without proper authorization.

This development comes a week after some Bitmain employees raised concerns about salary arrears due to cash flow issues, as per information obtained from the Maimai Community, China’s workplace networking site, on October 8th. They also noted that the 2022 bonuses remained unpaid and that half of the base salary for all employees and performance-based wages could be withheld due to poor cash flow issues.

In response to the violation of company policy, Bitmain issued an internal disciplinary notice and dismissed the employees who disclosed salary delay information on the social networking platform. The company also reported the incident to the educational institutions where the interns involved in the matter are enrolled, hinting at potential legal consequences.

While Bitmain has not publicly commented on the development, the company made a significant investment of $53.9 million in Core Scientific to support mining operations in September. As part of the purchase agreement, Bitmain will provide Core Scientific with 27,000 Bitmain S19J XP 151 TH bitcoin mining servers. In exchange, Bitmain will receive $23.1 million in cash and $53.9 million in Core Scientific common stock. The company also recently unveiled its newest mining device, the S21 Antminer series.

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