Base Network Introduces Eight-Week Training Course for Aspiring Blockchain Developers


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Cointelegraph: The Ethereum layer-2 Base network has unveiled an impactful program aimed at cultivating blockchain developers from traditional software developers: Base Bootcamp. This eight-week training course, announced on October 20, is free of charge but requires applicants to be mid to senior-level software engineering individual contributors.

The objective behind Base Bootcamp is to bridge the gap in the knowledge of building Web3 apps among most software developers. As per Base’s statement, the current number of on-chain developers is significantly lower than the total number of software developers, hinting at vast untapped potential.

Despite introducing an online training program named “Base Camp” earlier in the year, Base network felt the need for a more hands-on and supportive approach, leading to the creation of Base Bootcamp. The program is tailored to provide ample support for developers unwilling to study alone, offering mentorship and a dedicated Discord server.

The course includes weekly meetings with assigned mentors, acclimatizing students to communication with Coinbase and Base engineers, and peer-to-peer discussions facilitated by a private Discord server. Supplementary assignments and a final project involving the creation of a Web3 app add depth to the learning process.

To guarantee course completion, attendees will need to deposit 1 Ether, which Base assures will be returned upon graduation. As the crypto industry faces scarcity of competent Web3 developers, efforts like Base Bootcamp and solutions developed by companies like Circle, aimed at simplifying Web3 development, are seen as viable steps towards tackling this challenge.

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