Arbitrum DAO Opens Voting for Grants Domain Allocator Election, Aims to Fund Key Areas


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Odaily: Arbitrum DAO has commenced voting for the Grants Domain allocator election on Snapshot. The elected allocator will be responsible for reviewing and identifying funding applications in four major areas: games, developer tools, new protocol concepts, education, and community development and activities. Voting will conclude on September 14th, with the current community nominees holding the highest votes being Jeremy (Games), Shreddy (Education, Community Development and Events), Matt (StableLabs) (New Protocol Concepts), and Hiko (Developer Tools).

Arbitrum DAO previously launched the first financing round of the Domain Round donation program on the Gitcoin protocol. Conducted on the Ethereum mainnet, it features a total matching pool of $100,000 (DAI). In this round, the Arbitrum community will determine the allocation of funding between the following five areas: games, developer tools on the Nova chain, new protocol ideas, education, community development and activities, and an Open Pool for community users to decide the field.





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