AntChain Launches Web3 Brand ZAN for Hong Kong and Overseas Markets


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Foresight News, AntChain has announced the launch of its new Web3 brand, ZAN, at the Shanghai Bund Conference. The brand aims to provide Web3 technology solutions for the Hong Kong and overseas markets, focusing on secure and compliant technology products.

ZAN’s CEO, Zhang Hui, who was formerly AntChain’s CTO, stated that the company targets compliant institutions and innovative companies in Hong Kong and overseas markets. ZAN offers a wide range of technical services to support Web3 innovation, including full-stack secure and trusted Web3 technology products and comprehensive solutions, to help drive the development and scaling of Web3 applications and industries.

ZAN is built on the open-source technology matrix AntChain TrustBase, which is part of AntChain OpenLabs. AntChain TrustBase is an open-source technology system based on AntChain, including wide-area network consensus algorithms, zero-knowledge proofs, and fully homomorphic encryption.

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