Arbitrum Mainnet Sees No Fraud Proofs Since Launch


This article has been republished with permission from Binance News.

According to Cointelegraph, since its mainnet launch in August 2021, Arbitrum has not received a single fraud proof submission. Ed Felten, co-founder and chief scientist of Offchain Labs, the company behind Arbitrum, revealed this information at Korean Blockchain Week on September 4th. Arbitrum is an Ethereum layer-2 solution that uses interactive, multi-round fraud proofs to ensure the security of its network. Validators can submit fraud proofs if they believe another validator has incorrectly or fraudulently assembled a batch of transactions into the next block. However, no fraud-proof attempts have been made on the mainnet so far.

Felten explained that the lack of fraud proof attempts is likely due to the strong disincentive for malicious validators, who risk losing their entire stake if their fraud proof is challenged and found invalid. Currently, there is a permission set of approximately 12 validators participating in the fraud proof game.

Arbitrum is also introducing a new iteration of fraud proofs called the BOLD (Bounded Liquidity Delay) protocol, which Felten claims will provide a faster guarantee for challenges. The BOLD protocol was rolled out by Offchain Labs on August 4th. Felten also mentioned that Arbitrum’s fraud proof feature will soon become permissionless, allowing anyone to contribute to ensuring the correctness of the chain when challenges are made.

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