Microsoft Releases Quantum Katas, Q# Computer Programming Project

Yesterday Microsoft announced the release of Quantum Katas, a self-paced programming project that teaches developers how to write Q# code for quantum computing. This open source project contains a series of tutorials teaching elements of Q# while providing immediate feedback to help you progress faster.

Quantum Katas teaches beginning developers the fundamentals of Q#. The tasks require you to type in some code; for example, for one line of code, and the last one might require a sizable fragment of code. The icing on the cake is Katas is a free and open source project.

The project is broken down into four different katas, each one addressing a different aspect of quantum computing and Q# code.

  • Basic gates: an exercise in how gates control quantum logic
  • Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm: run an actual quantum algorithm
  • Measurements: learn how to interpret quantum measurements
  • Superposition: take your basic understanding of qubits to the next level

According to Microsoft’s blog post

Earlier this month, we ran the first Q# coding contest and the response was tremendous. More than 650 participants from all over the world joined the contest or the warmup round held the week prior. More than 350 contest participants solved at least one problem, while 100 participants solved all fifteen problems! The contest winner solved all problems in less than 2.5 hours. You can find problem sets for the warmup round and main contest by following the links below. The Quantum Katas include the problems offered in the contest, so you can try solving them at your own pace.

Interested in running Microsoft’s Quantum Katas? Install the quantum development kit. Once you’ve gotten familiar with that, get the katas on GitHub.

According to analysts, the quantum computing industry is expected to be net $15 billion in a decade. Meaning the quantum industry would surpass Hollywood. Demands for quantum computer programmers will likely be in very high. Whether your a hobbyist, geek or see the opportunity to start a career, there’s plenty of opportunities in the field.

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