What’s the difference between Mac & Other laptops?

Mac and all other laptops both have been hooked up in a battle for years now.

When it comes to buying a computing machine – you either go with Windows or Apple Macintosh-based operating system.

The major difference is the experience you will have while using them and the way their hardware/software is designed. Macintosh(family) owns a niche market with a unique user experience which they market heavily across consumers. The experience will be very different than using a Windows, Linux or Ubuntu – because Mac is mainly designed and put together by Apple in-house and not including 3rd party software.

Mac has its own Operating System (OSX) which is very much different from any other Operating system (Windows i.e. widely used) Mac hardware is designed by Apple and manufactured with their specified requirement. Mac has its own power and data cord designs which differs mainly from all other laptops.

This controlled user experience makes the Mac laptops more expensive and the cost is passed over to the users with a nice markup profit. It’s like – you want to use the advanced car parking, you pay the cost. In competition with Mac to other laptops, you can get Chrome laptop from Google which would give you an 8 second load time to the internet from the second you press the power button. Also if you go with Windows, there are several other manufacturers available in the market which allow you to load your personalized operating system. Microsoft does not do any major hardware designing, rather they work with such manufacturers who sell a laptop that would support Microsoft operating system.

Let’s look at some notable differences between Mac laptops and other (Microsoft) laptops:

  • Apple prides itself for design but lately, Microsoft is catching up the market with Surface Pro.
  • Mac is usually more expensive than Windows-based laptops. To sum up, an aggregate price Mac’s cheapest laptop begins from $899 wherein you could get a Windows 10 Laptop for as cheap as $199.
  • Windows is much better for Hardcore gamers as compared to Mac. The challenge with Mac – almost impossible to upgrade that easily. With Windows, players can easily upgrade the graphics cards to processors to the amount of memory on their machines.
  • Customer service experience with Mac is great. If you have a break down on your Mac, you are going to have a one-stop fix and mostly all problems resolved in one session at the Apple store will not be chargeable. With other laptops, you will have to contact the individual manufacturer and ship out the hardware in most cases or contact Microsoft for any operating system related issues.
  • Mac is definitely safer against Malware and Viruses. Since the macOS is built on Unix, it’s a little more secure by default as compared to other Operating systems like Microsoft. Apple has added new types of encryption and security to its recent upgrades to keep its OS safe.
  • Both the operating systems macOS & Windows looks very different. Other laptops come with customized hardware choice and offers, while MAC laptops come with a limited choice.
  • Apple laptops don’t offer a touch screen, while other laptops are widely available with the touch screen that works perfectly with Windows 10.
  • Keyboard and shortcuts will be very different and hard to overcome if you are switching from Windows to Apple.
  • You can buy a laptop hardware and load windows or your desired operating system on it, while Mac comes with its macOS upgrades to be used on Apple hardware.
  • BONUS – want best of both Windows and macOS? Apple laptops have the ability to run Windows on the direct machine or virtual machine.

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