What Google’s New Pixel Buds Can Do For You?

Google Pixel Buds, are the company’s first wireless headphone and YES it can translate over 40 Foreign languages in real time. Google revealed its new headphones making a statement: The Headphones jacks on a smartphone is over. Since the Google’s headphones don’t have jacks, the logic behind it is beyond just being wireless. Obviously, you can hear music, but can also sift through notifications and translate into different languages on the go. Inequality, they sound better than Apple’s AirPod and the translation feature works most of the time. The engineering of the Buds in the case is very tricky and inconvenient. However Google’s first attempt to make wireless earbuds shows some serious commitment, but the price tag of $159 feels more like an experiment.

Getting started: we assume you have an Android running Nougat or higher, the process of setting up would not be easier. Opening the case next to a compatible phone will automatically drive you through the setup process. Although you need to keep in mind, that these earbuds work automatically only with the first phone you pair up with. Moving to second device onwards, you will need to keep the Buds in inside the case on pairing mode. The same is the process, even if you use them with iPhone.

Design: The two distinct sections of Pixel Buds – are designed seamless, to fit your ears. It could take a few days of practice before you place the Buds into your ears without any extra fittings. The Buds may be a little odd looking, but they are definitely more delicate with finely designed edges. You are going to easily figure out when its time to charge the Buds, in their little cloth covered case. Google has a specific method of placing the Buds with the cord in the case. Not that it is annoying to keep your Buds in a case to charge, but fixing the cord in little cloth cover could prevent it from closing at times.

While in use: the in-ear Pixel Buds sit comfortably in the ear canal. The Google’s first generation earbuds, sound just perfect. Also upon testing, it has been found that it creates more liveliness than Apple’s AirPods.

To Wrap up: Not sure why Google introduced Pixel Buds in this particular form, decent but feels unfinished. The concept is promising with the 40+ foreign languages translation on the fly.



  • The sound is better than expected
  • Touch controls – Intuitive
  • Battery life – Very Concrete



  • No way you can shut the ambient noise at all
  • Abhorrent soft case design
  • Touchpads are easy to accidentally tap
  • Google Assistant is a hit-or-miss





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