Voice Command Changing How We Interact With The World?

Voice command is undoubtedly an exemplary and quick emerging technology. Using it is just like throwing some words in the air and a nearby device is going to grant you a wish. For as long as we have had a computer drive, we have interacted with them through touch, tap, and keys. Each day we are rapidly entering a new era of digital interaction. It is becoming clear with giants like Amazon, Google and Apple – that voice-based systems are going to drive your daily lives. This is a huge leap in technology, it may look simple but your voice has the power to transform computing. It also opens the doors to another level of future for Artificial Intelligence. Voice over command has a huge potential and can be more useful + powerful than people can envision today.

Voice command devices are controlled by human voice and also acts as an intelligent personal assistants in our day to day life. The newest devices are speaker independent and can respond to multiple voices regardless of gender or accent. These devices are also capable of responding to several commands at the same time. It has been roughly estimated that the voice command is over a billion dollar industry. Tech giants like Google introduced Home, Amazon introduced Echo and Apple introduced HomePod. These voice assistants are powerful speakers and have changed our daily lives. It sounds amazing and adapts to whatever it is playing. These devices work in a very unanimous way, like when you enter your home or office and say “Okay Google” the device will activate and ask for a command. You could play the music of your choice or order pizza or shop online – just by commanding the device. Voice command devices have made a huge difference for Doctors, Writers Disabled, to practice and create high-quality documentation faster and more efficiently. While your business is saving time and money both, major group enterprises are quickly adopting the new technology. Advances in technology have made it possible for voice command devices to be programmed with home appliances, cameras, drones, cars and much more. Voice command has changed the experience of driving your car. Today most of the cars indeed have computer brains; not to mention but drives and cars can speak to each other. Sound fascinating, isn’t it? Like if you met with an accident, your car is going to call an ambulance for you. After work, just get into the car and say take me home, the GPS will automatically set your routes for home. Likewise a lot many other options with voice command,  makes your driving and daily life simpler and more efficient.

To further complicate the matter – devices like smartphones, appliances, and laptops which are already always listening and connected via the internet; have been concerning to people for their privacy. It automates by collecting dynamic data such as names and addresses, which gets stored at the company servers. It concerns people, the privacy of daily conversations happening in their personal lives. Despite the questions and concerns, consumers will adopt and keep continue using the voice command systems. It extends the power of computing to all humans of different abilities, for one reason or the another. The invention of the touchscreen was the last big shift for the human race, but voice command is just another huge leap.


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