New and Best Tablets for 2018

When it comes to tablets, we always look for the new and best tablets available and upcoming in the tech world. The tablet market may have slowed down significantly over the past year, but it may just be a phase. When it comes to deciding which tablet you would love to buy  or probably is your need, here is what you may want to assess:

Which tablet is best for you?

With numerous tablets available in the market, it is always confusing to decide which one is the best for you. Whether it be iPad, Android or Windows – find out what exactly do you want the tablet for. Tablets are great for watching movies, TV shows, Games, reading eBooks, browsing the internet and sharing your social status with different platforms. None the less, emails are wide and easy to access.

Choose your operating system

Out of the three widely available operating systems to consider –  Pick iOS, Android or Windows. Each one of them specializes in a particular zone that depends on your requirement and consideration. Google’s Android mobile operating system (Android 8.0 Oreo) gives you a wide range of hardware selection from several manufacturers. Android tablets are best for reading ebooks, media players, and kids activities. Likewise, you can get the better specification for the money you spend with iPads. Apple (iOS 11) has the broadest range of general purpose tablets available in iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Pro. Currently, iOS has more than one million iPad specific applications that work uniformly flawless. Windows 10 is the latest and exquisite computing experience with full x86 support for all your Windows running software. Also, connectivity options and hardware add-ons are available in plenty for Windows.

What about Applications???

What tablet is good with no quality applications? If you are looking for third-party applications exclusively designed for your touch experience – nothing can compete iPad with its huge library of apps and games designed for Apple tablets. For more See: Best 100 iPad Applications 2018  (

Android has taken a great step in selecting apps encouraging more developers and producing high-quality tab applications – however, it may not be as many as Apple has to offer. It has not been clear for how many apps on Android are optimized for the tablet. However make  sure you check: Best 100 Android Applications 2018 (

Windows 10 is currently offering 100,000+ impressive and touch-friendly tablet applications. However, the real strength of Windows lies in the computing millions of existing applications.

Screen, Size, and Storage

Size of the screen measured diagonally is Size of the Tablet. Tabs vary from smartphone-sized screens to 7-8 inches and some up to 13inches. For most of them, the 7-8 inches is the ideal size to fit in for the purpose of a tablet. Larger tablets are mostly used for high-end processing and productivity. However they are comparatively heavier and less convenient to travel with.  7 inches or less are considered small screens, 8 inches and higher are considered large screens. The weight of a tab is a considerable advantage over the laptops. However, a few tabs weigh more than over a pound and make it difficult to commute with them. Tablets like Samsung S8+ are challenging other companies – with the screen size of a Smartphone where one would not ever want to carry a separate phone and tablet.


WiFi and Cellular

Two models that basically differentiate the category in tablets. Particular tablets only come with WiFi and the rest also include the cellular services option. Your usage will help you decide which option suits your convenience. Getting online while traveling anywhere on the go, you may want to opt for cellular services (i.e. costlier than the WiFi only). While tablets m WiFi, you will always want to look for a Mobile Hotspot. Using your cell phone as the mobile hotspot may not always be convenient considering the battery usage on both cell phone and tablet. Also not every smartphone hotspot is paired with every available tablet in the market.  So you must also check your competency before you make a pick.


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