Headphones – Various Categories & How To Select One For Your Needs?

Headphones – various categories & how to select one for your needs?
There are more set of headphones than your eyes can meet. Not only learning technical specs about your headphone help you make them more informed purchase, but also make sure that every penny you spent is worth. What headphones should you buy and how to select your needs ? Here is our roundup of the best available headphones technical analysis to make yourself a choice:

In-Ear Headphones:
Most commonly referred to as ear-buds or earphones is the cheapest and easiest way usually to feed audio into your ears. If you have recently bought a new mp3 player or purchased a brand new smartphone – it is likely that you have a set of ear in headphones included. In Ear headphones rest in or just outside your ear canal, which creates a tight seal to keep the air out and sound in. Compared to other headphones, these are the most prudent ones you will find. The size of these headphones make them the ruler of portability and the ultimate choice for everyone.

On-Ear Headphones:
Fitting into your head a little differently, these headphones are quite similar to over-ear headphones in appearance. On-ear headphones create a light, instead of enveloping your ears with soft pad – it creates a light, lungful of air seal around your ears. That is why the noise isolation is much less as compared to on-ear or over-ear headphones. It might be a deal breaker for many of you, but there are some considerable benefits to enclose here.On-ear headphones are usually more portable than over ear and tend to attract flight travelers and fitness crowd. Walking or jogging around the city with on-ear headphones is safe as you can hear the traffic pass by and also be aware of the potential hazards.

Over-Ear Headphones:
The Ear-covering style of headphones generally provides exclusive richness and great depth in sound effect. The munificent amount of padding allows the listeners to pick the instruments and sounds much easier. The price range for a set of over the ear headphones may begin from $100 and go up to exorbitantly $1099 that provides an excellent feature like active voice cancellation(ANC).

Wireless Headphones:
This particular style of the headphone does not limit you to the type; unlike others. You can find yourself In-Ear – On-Ear – Over-Ear, any style you wish in particular. Choosing wireless can cost you a premium of $’s. Mobility and comfort are its winning formulas. Battery life and the wireless range is what you would like to know before you make your buy. Bluetooth has been solid and reliable over the recent years, however, any obstruction to the signals i.e., conflicting wi-fi signals, microwaves or at times your hand between the sender and receiver could easily obstruct and poor your wireless listening experience.

Here are a few best buys for the year 2018 (Source – )

• Best in-ear headphones: 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone
• Best budget in-ear headphones: RHA S500u
• Best on-ear headphones: Grado SR60e
• Best budget on-ear headphones: Urbanears Plattan II
• Best over-ear headphones: Oppo PM-3
• Best budget over-ear headphones: AKG K92
• Best noise-canceling headphones: Sony WH-1000XM2
• Best budget noise-canceling headphones: Taotronics TT-BH22
• Best wireless headphones: Sennheiser Momentum Wireless
• Best wireless earbuds: Optoma NuForce BE6i
• Best true wireless earbuds: Jabra Elite Sport


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