Electric Vehicles (EVs) – What and How

Electric Vehicles include road and rail vehicles, surface / underwater vessels, electric aircraft/spacecraft. EVs around the world majorly include electric cars/buses, high-speed trains, locomotives, scooters, and bikes. Amongst all EVs, Electric cars have been the most infamous vehicles with series of breakthroughs in modern inventions. Initially, gas shortages spark the interest in electric vehicles, later environmental concerns drove electric vehicles forward and then came the era of future electric vehicles.

Wonder how electric cars work? We have always something that shows up in the news about electric cars. There are several reasons why it has been so interesting about these cars. Electric car engines are replaced by an electric motor, the electric motor gets power from a controller and the controller gets it power from an array of rechargeable batteries. Not to mention, Electric cars are environment-friendly and pollute much lesser as compared to gasoline-powered cars; especially in metro and megacities.

To detail few of them: 1) It is cheaper to run – as the cost of charging the EV is equivalent to approx 30/35 cents per liter for petrol. 2) You can charge your EV at home. You can also charge your  EV anywhere the charging point is available [widely across Europe]. It is like charging your phone, wake up to find your car is fully charged and ready to rock. 3) No exhaust emission makes electric vehicles pollution-free driving. 4)EVs are must more silent as compared to diesel and petrol engine.

Challenges of EVs: Price – new EVs cost much more as compared to equivalent conventional cars such as petrol and diesel engine. The range of EVs – they don’t run as long as petrol and diesel engines, as one will slow down as soon as the battery will lower down. However, as the technology of battery and vehicle improves, fast charging station will be readily available and the range will be less of an issue. Battery reuse and recycling – so even if the battery life for your electric vehicle comes to an end, it may still have a useful second inning. Yes, EV manufacturers have recycling programs in place. Recently China has put the responsibility for battery recycling on makers of electric vehicles.

Amongst several car manufacturers, Tesla has begun producing its first mass-market electric car. The  Model 3, Tesla third all-electric vehicle launched in the United States in 2017.


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