Customer Journey & User Generated Content (UGC)

Customer Journey

Customer Journey is very significant for all businesses that exist successfully today & upcoming businesses as well. In simple understand from Starting Point any customer enter a product, review it, & make the decision to buy the same product. From Point A to Point B of Purchase there are many segments that fall into this journey.

As we all know sales is a psychological game, what goes in back of the mind of a customer is very unpredictable at all the times.

However, based on my experiences I have gathered few important information about how the customer behaves in certain kind of given environment.

1.   Need & Product : –

The first breakthrough in customer journey is Need & Product itself. If I would go to Amazon website to buy a new laptop. I have need of the product I want. But once I start reviewing various options on the website the real quest start. Because @ starting point of Customer Journey Customer is unsure of the exact product & need. By saying so If the customer is provided with few examples of what the product is & what it can deliver it can make lots of sense to the customer.

2.   The Journey:-

From Starting Point to Conversation, knowing product in & out. Customers don’t decide to buy the product then & there. It takes lots of efforts in all ways to make the customer decide whether to buy that particular product or not.

3.   End of Journey:-

Once Customer has decided to go with the particular brand they have a very different reason based on their needs.


This topic always inspires me to write about User-Generated Content & here are my views based on my learning about UGC.

UGC is going to be a big turn around in marketing/advertising industry because of the credibility of the source from which UGC arise.

As I firmly believe in the concept of Customer Journey that Any Customer’s Journey is very significant for all organization who are in the field of selling any products. “Customer Journey is a starting point from where all starts.”

We all are aware statically M2M Mouth 2 Mouth is the most efficient way of marketing across the Globe. Feedback directly from a user who has used a product is very significant because it provides credibility which cant be matched with any other means.

User-Generated Content is Original feedback from someone who has passed through Customer Journey, what he/she likes or dislikes & then it can be used as a tool to Engage new customers.

Customer Journey is a mother of UGC because everything arises from there is so significant which cant be described in words because it leaves a subconscious impression on New Customers mind.

Images speak more than words…

As we know Images speaks more than words that are so true because it leaves the traces on Conscious mind for a long time rather than words. So if UGC is good along with Image the images will first leave an impression on Customer & then the message.


UGC is a great tool for any organization if they want to maximize their own product in the market. However, as UGC is an original feedback from User we need to Ensure that the Customer Journey is significant for the same user so it generates positive message in the audience (especially new Audience) because the new audience is going to believe the message conveyed by old user & then they will decide their path moving forward.

User-Generated Content : –

Customer Journey is a mother of UGC because everything arises from there is so significant which can’t be described in words because it leaves a subconscious impression on New Customers mind.

Content @ End of Customer Journey:-

Once the Customer has decided to go with the product, then they will be very cooperative with brand owners or other managers to share their feedback about their own journey.

Currently, in many various industries/streams, people use UGC to promote their products (especially in digital recognized brands).

Conventional marketing channels & ways are exact opposite than UGC because in traditional marketing channels the Business Owners decide the content & then they promote it via various platforms.

UGC is the way forward

As per my understanding of the current trends & future forecasts I firmly believe that UGC is a way forward.

When old ways don’t work, we have to invent new paths to meet the customer demand.

UGC is such a great way because it is originally derived from Customer Journey & what comes from an original journey is so significant because every journey is different so the someone who walks on the journey path.

While promoting UGC on a larger scale organization must be aware that this is a double sided sword on one side they have UGC on the other side they have Customer Journey.

If the content & feedback from Customer is appropriate than it is okay. But if we are promoting UGC on say a particular social media platform while tagging that Customer, organization need to ensure that they have delivered higher than they promised to that customer.

As this new trend evolve in social media & spread its wings all across the globe it would be a true win-win for both customers & organizations both.

Customer point of view is that Customer like when they are listened carefully by business houses & they feel privileged by active conversation at all over places.

Business Houses need to incorporate this practice of posting UGC & recognizing the specific Customer Journey as it is a true footprint of a particular Customer & it can inspire new customers to go through the process without too many hurdles.


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