Hilarious New App Lets You Digitally Clap For The Chinese President

Everyone loves tap-tap games! Don’t we all? Well, this tap game is very specific in what it wants you to do. Applaud Chinese president Xi Jinping for his recent most recent speech. Otherwise, clap just because you love to. There is an app specifically designed for it! Tencent, the Chinese internet giant released a new game that lets you tap the screen to applaud during a typical presidential address. This game is of course, your average tap to play game. However, the best part about it is that the government isn’t forcing you to use it.


The app is titled “Excellent Speech: Clap for Xi Jinping.” According to What’s on Weibo, had been played more than 400 million times the night it was uploaded. The game begins with a speech given by Jinping, and players must tap their screen as many times as they can during a 19-second pause. The New York Times stated that the maximum amount of claps has a 1,000 clap ceiling for each round. Roughly estimating about 52 taps per second (impossible!). Could you imagine if President Donald Trump had an app made for his applause? I give it about a month or two before we’re all forced to download it (just kidding — I promise).




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